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Sheer Poetry has sections for primary teachers and students, secondary teachers and students, and for university level and the general poetry reader. Here you will find poems, articles, workshops, interviews and essays, question sessions and more, about and by Carol Ann Duffy, Gillian Clarke, Seamus Heaney, Simon Armitage, and others.

Carol Ann Duffy's new 'Bee' poem Scheherazade reprises Rapture's 'Give'?

I have always believed that certain things are only ever finished never finished with and when I was reading Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Scheherazade’ poem in her new collection The Bees, I found myself back

Carol Ann Duffy and the piracy of passionate love?

‘Black Marigolds’ translated from Sanskrit by E Powys Mathews: A favourite Love poem of Carol Ann Duffy. Even now If my girl with lotus eyes came to me again Weary with the dear weight of

Carol Ann Duffy's time travelling Bees with a promise of Piracy!

A courier knocked at my door just after midday and presented me with the slim parcel that revealed itself as Carol Ann Duffy’s brand new collection-The Bees.

'Bees' in Carol Ann Duffy's new collection The Bees!

Honey is art’ declares Carol Ann Duffy in her first poem of her new collection, The Bees.

Interview with Jane Weir

We've added an interview with Jane Weir, author of 'Poppies', as featured in the Conflict cluster of the AQA GCSE Syllabus.

Silver Lining

As broadcast on the Today programme on Radio 4 earlier this week, we feature the poem Silver Lining by Carol

Mametz Wood

Owen Sheers writes about his experience visiting the First World War battlefield in Mametz, France and what inspired him to create the poem named after the site.


Written in response to the news that celebrated English footballer David Beckham would not be able to play for England in 2010 due to an injured Achilles heel, and first published in Carol Ann Duff

Robert Minhinnick on The Yellow Palm

We're pleased to welcome Robert Minhinnick, another writer whose work features in the GCSE section.

Daljit Nagra on Singh Song!

We'e thrilled to have Daljit Nagra on board, and he has written about the background to his poem Singh Song! for our GCSE section.