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The importance of SYNTHESIS! Emily Bronte, Michael Neill and NLP!

Emily Bronte’s short poem ‘The Night’ is in the latest AQA English Anthology Moon on the Tides in the section entitled ‘place’.

Emily Bronte's The Night in AQA Anthology

Emily Bronte's poem reveals her profound affinity with her natural surroundings. These bleak details reflect her literal 'captivation' by nature's uncompromising self.

A Long ago by Eleanor Farjeon

I’ll tell you, shall I, something I remember? Something that still means a great deal to me. It was long ago. A dusty road in summer I remember, A mountain, and an old house, and a tree

T S Eliot's Journey of the Magi

T S Eliot's poem is seasonally chilly and unseasonally doubtful about the conventional joyous journey of the three wise men.

T S Eliot's Rhapsody on A Windy Night!

T S Eliot's poem explores some 'flaneur' wandering like an insomniac refugee about the 'reaches' of some unnamed city, where even a prostitute hesitates to ply her trade in the poet's direction...just

Tennyson's Morte D'Arthur

Walking by the side of one of Rivington's Lakes today and I was dazzled by the morning light upon the water.

Larking with Larkin! Mr Bleaney's Room

'This was Mr Bleaney's room. He stayed
The whole time he was at the Bodies, till
They moved him.' Flowered curtains, thin and frayed,
Fall to within five inches of the sill,

Philip Larkin: Aubade

Rooms and lonely evenings are scattered like dismal confetti throughout Larkin.They testify to his recurring sense of the individual's lostness even in the midst of the community; the family.

Carol Ann Duffy : Dark School

I found this by accident on the web and I was immediately struck by the Dickensian aspect of this gloomy revisitation of the past.

Thomas Hardy: The Oxen

Christmas Eve, and twelve of the clock.
"Now they are all on their knees,"
An elder said as we sat in a flock
By the embers in hearthside ease.

We pictured the meek mild creatures where