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Carol Ann Duffy's new 'Bee' poem Scheherazade reprises Rapture's 'Give'?

I have always believed that certain things are only ever finished never finished with and when I was reading Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Scheherazade’ poem in her new collection The Bees, I found myself back in the world of Duffy’s Rapture collection; specifically back in Rapture’s slightly recriminatory, ironically titled poem ‘Give’. So here I am, wondering once more about the unfinished business of love and life! Even we distentangle ourselves from the past, perhaps it is our words that refuse to let go. Maybe as a poet too, the creative energy conspires with the emotional investment and back we go, finding a new way of experiencing the far from finished experience! More tomorrow as I explore both Duffy’s Scheherazade and her ‘give’ poems!